Monday, 8 January 2018

Join Pure Latitude in becoming a Sea-Changer and do your bit for Marine Conservation!

You love the sea? If I am right, I want to ask you to become a Sea-Changer in 2018. I am asking you to become a Sea-Changer by taking some small practical actions to demonstrate your love for the sea and give something back in return for all the fabulous hours you have spent on or near the water.
Read on….
Pure Latitude, the popular boat club,  have just become the latest company to support Sea-Changers and work with us to raise money for UK marine conservation projects. They give all their members the chance to make an optional donation to marine conservation projects as they pay their membership fees. They give the money raised to Sea-Changers and we allocate every single penny they give to projects that we know will make a real difference to UK seas. To find out more about how we fund and who we fund visit our website. And Pure Latitude wants you to join them in being a Sea-Changer by taking small, everyday actions that can benefit our seas.

Ways to be a Sea-Changer #1.
Let’s start with an easy one….make Sea-Changers’ Facebook page your own.
  • Post your marine conservation stories, ideas and thoughts on our Facebook page. Inspire others to take action for the sea.
  • Share, like and comment on Sea-Changers’
  • Get involved by posting your own suggestions on how to change the sea for the better.
  • Recommend the page to five of your friends.
Ways to be a Sea-Changer #2. 
Buy only sustainable fish. Scientists predict that if we continue fishing as we are now, we will see the end of most seafood by 2048.  Industrial fishing has depleted stock of tuna, cod, swordfish and marlin by as much as 90 percent. One choice we have, is to eat less fish. Another is to only buy fish that is from well-managed sustainable sources. Download the Marine Conservation Society Good Fish Guide to ensure you make great fish choices.

Ways to be a Sea-Changer #3.
Clean a beach. There are some great beach clean events to get involved in and it is a fantastic way to make a very practical difference. If you are UK based check out Marine Conservation Society and their Beachwatchscheme .

Ways to be a Sea-Changer #4.
Be green when sailing on the blue. Recreational boating can generate pollution and environmental problems. As more and more of us take to the water we risk damaging the sea but there are some simple steps we can take to ensure we keep our environmental impact low. Areas to consider include:
  • How to use oils and fuel
  • Which cleaning products have low environmental impact
  • Disposing of waste carefully
  • Ensuring you dispose of sewage correctly, and
  • Respecting  wildlife whilst out on the water
The Green Blue offers some great advice to sailors about minimising their environmental impact so visit their website.

Ways to be a Sea-Changer #5.
Buy a Reusable Bottle. 12,500 plastic bottles are thrown away every 8.3 seconds. Many end up on our beaches or in our seas. Even better, buy a Water-to-Go bottle using our discount code. This will give you clean, safe filtered water, anytime, anywhere. Buying a Water-to-Go bottle has always had environmental benefits since it reduces the need to buy bottled mineral water but you can get get a 15% discount on every Water-to-Go order and at the same time 15% of the value of your purchase will be donated to Sea-Changers. To buy your bottles just go to and enter SEACHANGERS as a discount code when you get to the checkout.

Ways to be a Sea-Changer #6.
Raise money for Sea-Changers and marine conservation whilst doing your shopping online. Sign up to easyfundraising or Give as you Live and raise money to fund our work with every purchase.

We would love it if you join in, post your own ideas or comment on Twitter and Facebook. If you tweet just tag  #BeASeaChanger & we'll share! 


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