Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Wildlife Photography Guest Blog - Peter Bardsley

Sea-Changers is working in  collaboration with passionate and talented UK wildlife photographers over the next few months. Part of this collaboration is a series of Blogs which celebrate their talent, their work, the beauty of the sea.In the fifth of these blogs we introduce: Peter Bardsley

'Photography is an all consuming passion that drives me to walk the fells and forests in Cumbria where I live and work. Following graduation in Environmental Science, my career  shifted to a role in geoscience and I'm currently engaged in protection of the environment and pollution prevention. I'm a diving instructor,underwater photographer and  marine conservationist . I dive all year and  started diving 1976. 

Although I've dived the coral reefs around the world, I  still  think that UK marine life is a very special and worthy of protection. I have seen the devastation from scallop dredging and noted the decline in fish and lobster population over the last 40 years and feel we need to preserve and protect our delicate marine environment for future generations. Underwater photography is my means of showing  the weird and wonderful world beneath the emerald sea to help people understand why the habitat and marine life need management. Each dive is different and every experience is unique - swimming with dolphins, playing tag with grey seals or watching guillemots and puffins chase fish are all in my top list of photographic experiences.' 

All photographs are copyrighted to Peter Bardsley.  

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