Monday, 7 July 2014

Tweeting for Sea-Change

Earlier this year a lovely friend told me about a challenge they had tweet every day, under the hashtag #100daysofhappiness. Each tweet highlighted one thing that day that made you happy. It could be anything, or anyone but it required you to reflect on the day that had passed. Inspired by this idea I also undertook the challenge.

A week or so ago I finished my 100 days of happiness tweeting. It was harder than I'd thought. Partly because at the end of a day I often felt too tired to think about the day, or to tweet. Some days were just bad...and some days it was just really hard to think about what actually made me happy. Those were the days the task was made for, I think...the days when everything is fine, nothing felt outstanding and you take that for happy I should be that life is simple, easy, I have enough of what I need. The task is complete and when I reflect on it I realise I am a very, very lucky person. Surprisingly,  I found that I am missing the challenge. So I have been thinking about what next and I have hit upon another idea


So what is this all about? Well it is hopefully super simple. For 100 days I am going to work to reduce my plastic use and at the end of each day post on twitter, one way I have done this under the hashtag #100dayslessplastic. I am going to try and think of different ways each day but I may need if you have ideas please send them to me.  I recognise that I am not going to throw away my toothbrush and start brushing my teeth with a manky old stick...I want to use a plastic toothbrush. I am focusing on tasks that are small, sustainable, and part of my everyday life.

Why bother?
Plastic is such a massive issue for our world. It is clogging up the land and sea. When I go to a beach, go for a dive, run up a hill, I see plastic. I see it tangled up in plant life, in birds' nests, in seaweed (which of course means it is tangled up in the stomachs of marine life, birds, animals)....and probably increasingly found in our own stomachs. We all use so much plastic stuff each day without even noticing is part of the fabric of our everyday lives. I can't change the world, but I can do my part. That is  what Sea-Changers has always been about...individuals taking small actions, creating a community of change and together can make a big difference to our seas. So I hope my #100dayslessplastic will make a small difference that, alongside lots of other peoples small actions, will change the world.

Why not join me?
You may not be so bonkers as so tweet for 100 days about plastic reduction. But if you are I would love the company and please join me and just include the hashtag #100dayslessplastic in your tweets. But if you dont want to do that, you can do the following:
·         Post the odd tweet about how you have reduced your plastic use.
·         Post on this page, or post on Sea-Changers' Facebookpage ideas or suggestions about using less plastic every day.
·         Retweet my tweets (my personal handle is @IAmASeaChanger but I will also be pushing this idea thorough the Sea-Changers' handle which is @BeASeaChanger) - to encourage me but also spread the word.
·         If you aren't inspired by plastic reduction, but want to do something practical for our seas, visit our website and check out our many other sea-changing ideas.

Basically give me some help, so I can successfully complete my challenge and reduce my plastic impact.

Week One

Week Two
  • Buy big...bulk buy washing liquid etc in 25l vats from Suma wholesale & decanter into jars" says @MayaPlass 100dayslessplastic
 Week Three
Week Four
Week Five

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  1. Post Script
    So as you can see, I didn’t make it to 100 days. It wasn't for the lack of trying or a lack of commitment. I was and still am passionate about reducing my plastic impact. It was more about trying to constantly find everyday ideas to implement. I did all the obvious stuff and then, after a while, struggled to find additional ideas. But my #100 days plastic challenge did succeed. It changed me. I think of plastic much more now than I did when I started out the challenge. I am always working to reduce my impact, to tell others what they can do, to think ahead about how I can use less plastic. I changed habits and hopefully over my lifetime will have had a positive impact on the plastic mountain....and I hope I inspired you with a few ideas along the way #100dayslessplastic