Friday, 6 June 2014

Happy World Ocean's Day

"Happy World's Oceans Day! I hope you have a lovely day on a beach, feeling inspired by the sea and  doing something cool, like a beach clean, that will help our fantastic marine environment. Very best wishes, Helen"

I find wishing you a great Worlds Oceans Day a funny old's a bit like sending a  Mother's Day card. I always do it, and I mean every word I write in the card, and I would never not do it. But, I do find the idea of one day a year celebrating something we should appreciate every day strange...We should be showing our love for our Mums every single day,  not just once every twelve months...and the same  is true for our seas. Every day we should be doing something to show our love for the seas.

I do see that its is helpful, perhaps, to have a day to draw attention to the seas. WOD provides a useful focus for campaigns and activities. I also see that it is an effective way of sharing a focus on a single issue across the world. So, I am not saying that we shouldn't have WOD...I guess I'm just saying we should be careful that we don't direct our energy and activity into grand gestures on just one day, and then feel 'job done'. A year of small sea-changing activities can have more impact than one day.

Our every-day sea changing activities don't have to be big or dramatic. They don't even mean going to the coast. So, here are some every-day sea-changing ideas that make every day a 'World Oceans Day':
  • Check out your cleaning products and switch to some that have a less harmful potential impact on the sea (the EU Ecolabel guarantees that a product is less harmful to the environment than other similar products.)
  • Switch to eating sustainable fish or, if you already do that, tell your best friend, or the bin man or your next door neighbour to switch to sustainable fish.
  • Sign up to do a sponsored event for Sea-Changers
  • Do a 2- minute beach clean next time you are on a beach. Take a bag, and fill it up with beach rubbish, and put it in the bin. I promise it will feel good.
  • Text SEAS10£1 to 70070 and make a direct donation to vital marine conservation projects.
  • Raise money for UK seas every time you buy online through Easyfundraising or search online.
  • Use social media as a tool for change. Get involved in some of the great campaigns out there around marine issues or simply post about your love for the seas. We  have some resources you can download for your Twitter and Facebook pages, just click here .
So that's your next seven days sorted. If you want loads more ideas about how to be a sea-changer every day, whether you live near a beach or not, visit our website...and let's make every day a World Oceans Day.


  1. A super discussion Helen, as I agree having one day a year to raise celebrate something as beautiful as our oceans is a bit of a small drop in it. But with the ever increasing demands made on our time and energy thank you for making these easy everyday suggestions to do our little bit. If we all adjust a few habits, it soon makes a difference.
    I only eat sustainable fish or else I go without ��✔️
    Biodegradable Ecolabel Cleaning - all the time ��✔️
    Loving the Seas on Twitter - could do a bit better��✔️
    Picking up Beach Rubbish - plan to when I next go��✔️
    Need a few more but thank you for making it easy to contribute.
    Lisa xx ��WOD��

  2. A big thank you Helen ��