Friday, 20 December 2013

We Wish You a Waste Free Christmas - Seasons Greetings Part 3

So one of my major concerns about Christmas is, paper and packing, cards, unwanted presents etc. I find myself a little conflicted though. I'm not a baahh humbug. I like to buy presents, I like sending cards to contact people I haven't had chance to touch base with during the year, I like to look around the house and know it is Christmas. I do like to do Christmas. But I also worry there is so much waste around Christmas time: wasted wrapping paper, wasted cards, wasted food.
I know there are solutions and this year I have tried  to apply some of them to make my Christmas more green and sea-friendly....whilst retaining some Christmas sparkle. Let me know what you think.

Christmas cards
I have sent more E cards, & bought some cards made of recycled card. And I have also made some cards. But I have also reviewed my card list and downsized it. There are some people on my card list that I haven't seen in a long long time. So I have made a pledge...if I am not going to see people on my list again the I need to remove them from the list and not send a card.

So my thoughts on what to buy was in part one of the blog so I won't cover that again. But I am going to think about wrapping presents. I want my pressies to look good but the reality is that whatever I wrap presents in ends up in the bin. So I am planning to wrap presents in recycled paper or reusable gift bags or magazine pages. 
But what about using a pair of old curtains?....okay so I am not sure about this but I had an idea that I could use some cool cloth that could be used again and again and also looks a bit more fancy.

Easy one this. In order to avoid buying too much food and ending up throwing food away I am going to plan my food menus so I buy only what I need....or alternatively I am going to buy no food at all and invite myself around to friends and family all Christmas and eat their food instead. This will ensure they don't have a surplus, save me a load of money and also ensure I don't have any food waste...way to go :)

Avoid buying products packed in plastic
I am also working hard to avoid plastic packaging in my supermarket shop. Here's how:
Taking Onya food bags to put my veggies in instead of taking plastic bags available
Buying drinks etc in glass bottles rather than plastic ones
Making different choices of products so I am avoiding products with lots of plastic.

Going Crackers
I dont buy crackers but I wanted to share with you a wesbites I came across that make and sell reusble crackers.A cool way to avoid waste and still have the fun of he cracker on Christmas Day. Any you can fill them with gifts that people may actually want or use again.

I am sure there is loads more I could be doing. So if youhave other ideas,please let me know and help me to have 'a Very Waste Free Christmas' ...the same to you.

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