Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Want to know how and why helping the seas can help you be happy, healthy, even wealthy?

By Guest Poster Mhairi Gordon-Preston, of
The personal & professional development expert Jack Canfield has identified seven areas to life:
·         Community,
·         Money,
·         Career/Business,
·         Free-time,
·         Health,
·         Relationships, and
·         Personal Development.   

A happy life involves being active in all areas of your life, because:
·         Each area of life impacts positively on all the others, so  taking a calculated risk in a relationship, gives you the experience & confidence to try new things in other areas of your life, perhaps in your career;
·         As you make discoveries in one area of your life, you can apply them to the other areas;
·         Volunteering your time, money or skills, increases your sense of well-being and happiness;
·         It’s a cliché that the more you give the more you get, but it's a cliché for a reason – many people have found that it works;
·         Concentrating on just one or two life areas usually leaves you feeling like something’s missing.

Who’s in your Community?
If you love the oceans and sea wildlife, your idea of Community may include different forms of sea-life… whether that’s fish, dolphins, coral reefs, or maybe even your fellow divers or marine conservation friends and colleagues!

Six ways to get active in your Marine Community
  1. Make a one-off donation to a marine conservation organisation.
  2. Volunteer with them, or a similar charity – By raising money, cleaning a beach, or rescuing wildlife.
  3. Choose a marine conservation organisation to benefit from your tithing (which just means donating 10% of your pre-tax income, either with money or time). Tithing is practised by some of the most successful people across the globe.
  4. Ensure you do the top 10 things the charity suggests for helping the marine world – many of which you'll be able to do at home or work, and they won't even cost you anything!
  5. Spread the word about your favourite causes – follow sea charities on social media or by getting their email bulletins, carry-out their online actions, and re-post their messages or petitions.
  6. Ensure you take nothing and leave nothing when you next go to the coast.

What great experiences have you had by volunteering or tithing with your Community?

Please share your thoughts and experiences in the Comments section.

Mhairi Gordon-Preston helps people who enjoy the sea to get results in careers, love, health, money, or happiness. If you’d like regular sea-flavoured tips on living your best life, go to


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