Friday, 17 February 2012

The Power of One

One of my favourite songs is by the Indigo Girls and is called the ‘Power of Two’  but a slightly different version of the title has been going around my head for the past few weeks and that is all about the ‘power of one’.

Last week I was in Tenerife and a small group of us went out on a dive and collected as much rubbish from the sea bed as we could during our dive. It felt great to do something really positive and make a small difference to the seas.  Every time I go to a beach, I find myself scanning the ground and picking up bits of rubbish that have been washed up or left there by lazy tourists. I feel like I am making a difference. And I guess if everyone who went to the beach at a weekend, collected as much rubbish as they could, it would really begin to make some kind of impact.

Small actions, added together, make a big difference

So, I got thinking about the power of one person in tackling the bigger problems around marine conservation.

At Sea-Changers we reckon that action for the seas needs to take place in a number of areas: 
          • Creation of Marine  Reserves/Protected Marine Areas
          • Direct Marine Clean-Up 
          • Education, Campaigning and Awareness Raising
          • Species Protection and Research
But, as well as these higher level projcts, the sea's problems could be vastly improved and influenced if we can form a massive community of Sea-Changers, individuals who take small and various actions to change the seas for the better every day of their lives.

In December last year we published ‘50 Ways to Be ASea-Changer’ on Facebook and via our blog and we got a really positive response. It felt like there was a  hunger from people wanting to take everyday actions to help the oceans. If you haven’t already checked these simple ideas out, please do so.

If you haven’t heard of Sea-Changers, we are a new charity responding to the sea-crisis. We aim to raise money for marine conservation in the UK by creating a community of Sea-Changer businesses and individuals who will work together to raise money for marine projects.  We raise money in a number of ways but the main options are:
  • We ask marine retailers to add a small/optional amount to their customers' bills when paying for diving, sailing, windsurfing, surfing and leisure cruising services.
  • We ask all those who get pleasure from the sea to text SEAS10£1 to 70070 to make a £1.00 donation. If you want to find out more before you text visit:
  • Alternatively you can donate via our website at:
Every single penny we raise in these ways goes directly towards marine conservation projects in the UK and is not used for funding Sea-Changers' administration or running costs.

So, how do we keep the project going? Well, Sea-Changers is currently run on a voluntary basis and through individual fundraising and donations. So here is where you can help us out. We are not asking for people to send us in cheques for hundreds of pounds (though if you want to, you can!!). What we would love is for lots and lots and lots of people to take small and simple actions to raise awareness and small amounts of money that, when added up, will make a huge difference to us. Here’s how you can help and exert 'the power of one' to make a big difference :

Help us to grow the Community of Sea-Changers
  •  Post your marine conservation stories, ideas and thoughts on our Facebook page. Inspire others to take action for the sea.  Share, Like and comment on Sea-Changers’ posts.
  • Recommend Sea-Changers to your favourite dive, sailing cruise or surf company and ask them to become Sea-Changers Business. Or tell us about your local marine retailer and we will get in touch with them. 
  •  Share this blog, post a comment and recommend it to five friends or marine businesses you think may be interested.
  •  Tweet, blog, talk, message, post, shout, gossip, share, write about everyone and anyone. We are working to create a growing movement of Sea-Changers (retailers & members of the public who want to make a real difference to marine conservation). So help spread the word about Sea-Changers, the work we are doing and make this year  the year we begin to see a real Sea-Change.
Raise money to keep the project going
  •  Be a super supporter - undertake a sponsored event for Sea-Changers in 2012. Swim, run, bike ride, parachute jump, walk, knit, bungee jump, bake, surf, sail, coffee morning etc etc  and raise funds for Sea-Changers work. If you want a fundraising pack get in touch at
  • Raise money for Sea-Changers whilst doing your Shopping online. Sign up to easyfundraising and raise money to fund our work with every purchase.
  • Raise money for Sea-Changers whilst searching online. . If 250 Sea-Changers supporters did ten searches a week through easy search, together you could raise £650 per year!
  •  Sea-Changers has  registered with Recycle for Charity, an easy way to raise money for us by recycling your old phone, inkjet cartridges, laser/toner cartridges. Registering is really quick and simple or we can send you recycling envelopes so do get in touch (

If every one of you could commit to one or more of these actions this year it would be fantastic. We need you. We want all those who love the sea to get involved and become a Sea-Changer. No matter how large or small, every action you take matters and the power of one becomes the power of many.


  1. Great article Helen.

    I totally agree with your thoughts on if everyone done a little bit every time our problems with the ocean debris would reduced hugely.

    Keep up the good work.


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