Friday, 23 December 2011

50 Ways to Be a Sea-Changers Part Three

Ways to be a Sea-Changer #31  
Consider how you can recycle and reduce the rubbish going into landfill/the sea. We came across some great ideas:
  • Check out cleaning products from Method who use recycled plastic found in the oceans to make their product containers. 
  • How about this…a 101 ideas of how to recycle a woodenpallet. Made my pallet fence on the allotment look pretty tame!
  • Finally we came across this cool website with some top recycling ideas.

Ways to be a Sea-Changer #32  
Create the next generation of Sea-Changers and check out the new marine magazine for kids called ‘Sea-Urchins. With a host of celebrities and well-known names from the world of music, television and nature lining up to get involved; the magazine promises to make science cool and fun for kids and at the same time make subjects like the ocean, marine life and diving accessible.  The first issue of Sea Urchins, which will initially be produced quarterly, comes out in February 2012 with a minimum print run of 25,000 copies and will provide an excellent vehicle for reaching boys and girls aged 5 -15.  You can download the pilot copy for free.

Ways to be a Sea-Changer #33  
Campaign for the establishment of marine reserves. A SHOCKING 0.6% OF OUR WORLDS OCEANS ARE PROTECTED and it simply isn’t enough. The establishment of large-scale networks of marine reserves, urgently needed to protect marine species and their habitats, could be key to reversing global fisheries decline. For more information and to sign a petition campaigning for more reserves check out Greenpeace or the Blue Marine Foundation.

Ways to be a Sea-Changer #34  
Too cold to go out, bored of programmes on the TV. Here’s a solution….Watch Sharkwater and be inspired to action to save our sharks 

Ways to be a Sea-Changer #35 
Learn about the oceans and  the issues that effect them. The more we understand the seas, the more we can identify action that will help to ensure their future health. There are some great books and websites around but why not try downloading the Naked OceansPodcast and listen to some fascinating stuff about the oceans and marine conservation whilst on the go. Visit    or visit Itunes.

Ways to be a Sea-Changer #36
Become a Sea-Changer business. If you run a diving business we need you. We are looking for dive retailers, holiday companies and training companies to become work with us and support marine conservation. It is easy to do, will cost you nothing and will enhance your environmental credentials. It will also make a massive difference to the seas. Email us on  to find out more. 

Ways to be a Sea-Changer #37
This Holiday Season why not consider the sea and the environment in the presents you buy. Go for  presents that are made from recycled material,  that cut down on future waste and that reduce water pollution and so on.  There are some great gifts that your family and friends will love and will also have a positive effect on the environment. This can be a very wasteful time of year but by thinking outside of the box you can find gifts for everyone which can go a long way towards reducing some of your wastage.

Ways to be a Sea-Changer #38 
Get on your bike. Reducing global warming requires us all to make changes in our lifestyle. In December a new climate deal has been signed in Durban and our challenge is what we will do individually to impact on the environment. Many of us jump in our cars for short journeys around town without a second thought. A great way to save money on petrol and cut down on our CO2 emissions is to commit to walking or cycling instead of driving for journeys we need to make under two or three miles. In 2012 why not make a commitment to do things differently and leave the car parked where we can.

Ways to be a Sea-Changer #39 
Engage the Sea-Changers of tomorrow in the sea and marine conservation. The Marine Conservation Society have a cool website for kids that contains facts, games, puzzles, and video to excite and interest children about marine life and marine issues. There are also materials which can be downloaded and used in schools. 

Ways to be a Sea-Changer #40  
Book the Cool Seas Roadshow for your local school. The Cool Seas Roadshow is a spectacular marine wildlife learning experience for schools. The Roadshow entertains and raises awareness and understanding about the importance of our fantastic marine wildlife. Presenter Andy Starbuck thrills pupils and teachers alike with his life-size, inflatable whales, dolphins, sharks, turtles, seals and porpoises. Through a series of interactive role-plays with volunteers from the audience, Andy explains the threats our marine wildlife face and how we can all help in protecting these amazing creatures.If you are interested in booking the Cool Seas Roadshow for your school, e-mail the MCS at

Ways to be a Sea-Changer #41  
Adopt or Sponsor a Whale or Dolphin. The lives of whales and dolphins are under threat from the introduction of toxic contaminants into the ecosystem, exposure to marine litter with risk of entanglement and ingestion, boat collisions, noise pollution, and the general damage and degradation of their marine habitat.
Help safeguard a whale or dolphin for future generations for as little as £3.50 per month through organisations like the Hebridean Whale andDolphin Trust.

Ways to be a Sea-Changer #42  
Do you run a surfing related business?  Why not become a Sea-Changer business. We are looking for surfing retailers, and training companies to become work with us and support marine conservation. It is easy to do, will cost you nothing and will enhance your environmental credentials. It will also make a massive difference to the seas. Email us on to find out more.

Ways to be a Sea-Changer #43  
Are you thinking about where to go on holiday next year. Consider the environment when planning your trip:
  • Avoid the plane and take a train
  • Book through a travel agency that considers eco tourism or is a Sea-Changer business
  • If you are going to dive, use a dive school that has an active commitment to the local sea environment.
  • Research  green travel options. The Guardian publish a useful Green Travel Guide.

Ways to be a Sea-Changer #44  
Think about the marine environment while you are on your holidays. For example;
  • Don't dispose of litter in the sea (or anywhere else other than a bin). Turtles mistake clear plastic waste for jellyfish and can die if they eat it.
  • Don't drive motorised vehicles on the beach. Compacted sand makes it hard for turtles to dig nests.
  • Research marine tour operators and don't use those that disturb or harass wildlife such as dolphins.
  • Avoid restaurants that serve undersized crabs and lobsters as this contributes to the species' demise.
  • Don't buy shells or other marine products as this encourages the destruction of the beaches and reefs. Empty shells provide homes for hermit crabs and some fish.
  • Don't remove, damage or touch corals. They are living organisms that take years to grow and support many species.
  • Avoid wearing sun tan lotions/products that are non-organic/toxic

Ways to be a Sea-Changer #45  
Get stuck in to some practical marine conservation. CoralCay Conservation offer some great opportunities to travel, learn and undertake some really valuable and practical marine conservation work. Win/Win/Win.

50 Ways to be a Sea-Changer #46 
Planning your Christmas holiday menus? Why not try something a bit different. The Fish Fight Website has some mouth-watering recipes that all use sustainable fish such as Pepper mackerel salad with vegetable crisps.  

Ways to be a Sea-Changer #47
Tweet, blog, talk, message, post, shout, gossip, share, write about everyone and anyone. We are working to create a growing movement of Sea-Changers (retailers & members of the public who want to make a real difference to marine conservation). So help spread the word about Sea-Changers, the work we are doing and make 2012 the year we begin to see a real Sea-Change.

50 Ways to be a Sea-Changer #48 
Become a volunteer for Sea-Changers. As a new charity there is lots of work we need to do and never enough time/people to do it. So, if you have skills you think may be of benefit to us, and time to give, we would love to hear from you.  The areas we would find particularly useful are; writing, grant applications, sales & marketing, IT/web design, creative/art, finance, & retail. But most importantly we want to work with people who are passionate to make a difference to the marine environment and enthusiastic about the work of Sea-Changers. If you would like to find out more or have a chat about possibly becoming a Sea-Changers volunteer drop us an email with your name and contact details to: We would love to hear from you.

Ways to be a Sea-Changer #49 
Be a super supporter - undertake a sponsored event for Sea-Changers in 2012. Swim, run, bike ride, parachute jump, walk, knit, bungee jump, bake, surf, sail, coffee morning etc etc  and raise funds for Sea-Changers work. All the work of Sea-Changers is done on a voluntary basis and finded through donations and sponsored events. Your effots will allow our work to continue.

Ways to be a Sea-Changer #50  
Think about the difference you want to make to the oceans & commit to as many of the 50 ways to be a Sea-Changer as you can. It is easy to sit back and think “Oh someone else will sort that out the problems of marine conservation”. But if the sea problems are going to turn around we each need to start taking responsibility & taking action, no matter how large or small. Over the last 50 days we have given you a range of things you can do that will make a difference to the seas. We hope you have enjoyed these, & found them interesting. But most of all we hope we have given you some ideas about the difference you can make. So, what are you going to do to be a Sea-Changer in 2012?

‘Will tomorrow's child ask why we did nothing on our watch to protect the sharks, tuna, coral reefs, and the other threatened life of our living oceans?’ Sylivia Earle


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